Women with Suitcases

Journeys For Women

Are you searching for a more fulfilling life?  Want to have deeper experiences shared with other women like yourself?  Want to see majestic scenery, vibrant cities and ancient ruins?  Can’t always count on friends to join you?  Then you’re in the right place!  Women With Suitcases was made just for you!

What I Believe

Women with Suitcases is for Women.  I realize women travel differently then men. We like to get to know the people and the culture, not only see the sights. We like cozy dinners with good conversations, historical and culinary tours, and of course laughter, new friends and lifetime memories!

We believe the best travel experiences are shared travel experiences. Shared with people you know and like. That’s why our mission is to make sure that each one of our travelers feels included and comfortable. It’s also why I go on each tour! It’s my goal to make sure you are safe, that you have an amazing experience and feel included in the group!  We will truly have fun while exploring our world!

We believe in personalization. At WWS, every tour is designed by me, Jennie Martin, a licensed and experienced travel agent.  I design the tours to give us time at the destination with a knowledgeable guide but also plenty of time to roam the city on your own, go to a museum or just relax. 

The Founder

I am Jennie Martin, the founder of Women with Suitcases, and I am so happy you are here! It is my dream to bring small groups of women together to explore the world and make new friends!

I personally curate our travel itineraries, making sure to find the most charming hotels, unique destinations, and the best sights to see, sights that will fill you with awe and wonder! I also accompany each tour, so you can feel safe and know someone is there to take care of the details, guide you safely through the sights and fix any issues that might arise.

My Promises to You

  • All tours personally led by me, a licensed and insured travel agent.
  • All tours are small, no more than 14 in the US and 16 outside of the US, allowing everyone to get to know one another and form lifelong friendships.
  • All tours are flexible, leaving time to venture off the route to explore, so we get the full experience of a destination.
  • When possible, hotels are boutique hotels located in the city center, near shopping, restaurants and points of interest.
  • Our tours are not the “drive by and look over there” type. We get out of the van, and get as close as possible to points of interest to give you a better experience.
  • For those looking to save money, we offer double occupancy at a lower cost. We strive to make sure you will get a compatible roommate by completing a pre-tour questionnaire.

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