Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of fitness required?

We believe that the best way to see a destination is to get out of the vehicle and walk around. Sometimes you may have to walk to a waterfall or just take a few flights of stairs. But sometimes we will be exploring an entire city. The level of fitness depends on the tour. You must also be able to carry your own suitcase and handle it up a short flight of stairs. If you are unsure of an activity level for a certain tour, please contact us.

What meals are included?

We include all breakfasts and a Welcome Dinner and a Farewell Dinner in the price of your tour. The meals do not include alcohol, but you may purchase a cocktail on your own if you wish. A lot of women like to explore a destination on their own and find interesting or local restaurants to dine in.

What do I do during free time?

Free time is a great opportunity to explore! What are your interests? Museums, art, antiques? Or maybe you just want to relax by the pool? Also, your tour host will have lots of suggestions and will often lead a free time activity if you want to join her.

What should I pack?

Communication will be sent to you about the destination and what specifically you will need to pack. But most important is to remember to pack only 1 suitcase no larger than 25″ from floor to top of the suitcase. This is important because we have limited space in the van for luggage.

What kind of transportation do you use?

Women with Suitcases uses a 15-passenger van on all US tours. The van will seat 15, but we will only seat 12 women to leave room for luggage. Our driver, who is your tour host, is a safe driver with experience driving a passenger van.

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