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the Flourish Conference 

Women with Suitcases

Living Your Best Life Now!

want to discover how to open yourself up to adventure and experience the life you dream about

If you...

want to create a life that you are excited about and can't wait to wake up to!

If you...

want to make meaningful connections with women like you for long lasting friendships

If you...

you're right where you belong!

Then I'm so glad you're here…

Women With Suitcases - The Flourish Conference is a one of a kind experience for women over 50, to grow, connect and FLOURISH! 

The details 

Hosted by Jennie Martin 
 With a special pre-conference Girls Weekend in Charleston 

oh I'M ready!

I carefully curated this journey to reflect the challenges in your life today. Your life today is not the same as it was. Your dreams are different than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Your goals are different, everything is different. It's time to address these changes so you can start living your BEST life now!  I believe you should have a FULL experience of life.  Not just parts of it.  And here's where it starts!

The Experience

Located in the heart of Charleston's historic district, our experience takes place in a charming refurbished building with loads of natural light and the original white wash brick walls Walkable to many historic sites, charming shops and delicious southern restaurants.

The Destination

I want in!

How awesome would it be to fully embrace who you are....all of you....your age, body and mind?
On this retreat you will learn how to overcome the negativity and truly live everyday in self-confidence and joyfulness!
Dreaming of connecting with other like-minded women who share your struggles and passions and want to support you unconditonally?
On this retreat, you will find the support and knowledge to make meaningful, lasting relationships with other women who will accept you and support for who you are!

More benefits...

 • Working with Life Coaches Barbara Berger and Janice Burt, you will dive deep and discover who you really are now and how you can connect and thrive!
• Learn to truly embrace self-acceptance so you can live a life of positivity and self-love!
• Learn to live in the NOW and truly experience life so you can live it to the fullest!


The Benefits

Saturday and Sunday before our conference, we’ll hang out and have some girlfriend fun together in the beautiful historic district of Charleston!
• Enjoy a walking tour of the historic district.
• A late night “sweet-treat” party
• A wonderful brunch in a top-rated southern restaurant on Sunday
• A kick-off reception with appetizers and our signature cocktail “sweet tea mojito”
• A swag bag filled with lovely items that you will treasure


Fun weekend in Charleston

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The Speakers



Speaker info coming soon

Speaker info coming soon!