Jennifer Martin

My Story

Hi, I’m Jennie, I bet I’m a lot like you. I am a woman over 50 who is passionate about travel. I am married but sometimes my husband can’t travel with me. Does this sound like you? You’re someone who loves travel but doesn’t always have someone to travel with? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a small group of women friends you could travel with? Sharing adventures, taking selfies with each other, what fun that would be? Well guess what? You found your tribe!  Let’s hang out!

What is Your Story?

Women from many backgrounds with a whole host of interests are welcome on WWS tours. You may be single, divorced, or widowed. You may also have a partner who doesn’t enjoy travel like you do. Everyone is welcome!

Our “women with suitcases” enjoy sharing the experiences of travel together. And you don’t have to wait until you are on a tour. We invite you to connect with us by clicking the button below. We also suggest you follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtag #WomenwithSuitcases and post your favorite travel photography. Let’s start the party rolling!

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